[mythtv-users] Weird HDMI problem

phipps-hutton at sky.com phipps-hutton at sky.com
Thu Apr 5 08:48:43 UTC 2012

Quoting Igor Cicimov <icicimov at gmail.com>:
> The former LG TV must had been doing some HDMI wake up or something when
> switching from TV to HDMI input. Or kept all outputs under power/active in
> all times where is with today's power saving TV's this is not the case. I
> guess it's just a bad combination of ATI driver and TV, the driver fails
> waking up the HDMI and the TV not helping about this at all.

It's a defective TV and it's not power saving that is causing it. The  
EDID circuitry should be powered by the device connecting to the TV so  
that it works when the TV is off. There are power wires in VGA, DVI  
and HDMI specifically for this. The circuitry is very simple,  
basically just a tiny EPROM. I would guess that the TV manufacturer  
has decided to cut costs by only having one and connecting it up to  
the active input rather than have one per input or doing something  
smarter. FYI my Sony Bravia does the right thing on HDMI and VGA inputs.


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