[mythtv-users] Trying to equalize volume - ladspa ladcomp failure

Kris B. krisbee at krisbee.com
Fri Sep 30 13:01:18 UTC 2011

I have been trying to get the ladcomp trick to work for me:

But much like this fellow person:
http://www.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2010-June/291319.html - I
have failed.  I have tried putting the sound setup both in .asoundrc and
/etc/asound.conf, to no avail - when I switch to alsa:ladcomp, nothing
happens (no audio).

I have the plugins installed, using mythbuntu 10.04.... any ideas where
I should check next?  When we watch X-Factor here and commercial breaks
come on, it punches us in the ears!  This is one of the last things I
have to do to get my frontend all squared up.

Thanks in advance...
  Kris B.
  krisbee at krisbee.com

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