[mythtv-users] Playback problem -- random short pauses

Mark Boyum circushair at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 14:00:42 UTC 2011

>>> Did this get committed to 0.24-fixes?
>>> I ask because since applying some updates a week or two ago I have considerably less pauses/glitches. :-)))
>>> I still see the odd lone glitch which I guess is backend activity related and I still have some glitching on fade to black credits scenes, oddly enough it doe it on fade to white too, not often you see that though. The main thing is I can now watch a 1 hour HD show and it's usually glitch free, great stuff, many thanks.
>>> I waited a while to report back as I haven't been watching much TV lately and wanted to be sure it wasn't just luck.
>>> Andre
>> yes, at least some of the fixes were backported, I've had much better
>> playback since then as well, not perfect, but a marked improvement.
> Much better here as well.  I was typically seeing long pauses every time
> mythbackend started and/or stopped a recording.  I frequently had to
> back up a few seconds to be able to understand the dialog.
> After the upgrade, I was watching for a few hours on Wednesday evening.
> It was a very busy night for recording, with multiple recordings going
> on in the background while I was watching.  I didn't notices any pauses
> in playback, though I did notice one instance where playback slowed down
> for about a second.

Does the inactivity of this thread mean that this has been fixed?
With the start of the fall TV season we have been watching more
recordings and experience these pauses as other recordings start or
stop.  I'm running Ubuntu 10.04.3 with MythTV v0.24.1-77-g4bba807 from
the MythBuntu Updates repository.

I'm tempted to upgrade to trunk but don't want to risk downtime and
missed recordings that could bring down the WAF.   I'll upgrade when I
get time if it is confimred as fixed in trunk.


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