[mythtv-users] Too much time on LiveTV change

Simon Jones sijones2010 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 09:51:35 UTC 2011

On 29 September 2011 09:12, Richard Morton <richard.e.morton at gmail.com> wrote:
> If youare watching live tv a lot then I suggest that you create recording
> rules to record the shows you like. Then rather than being restricted to
> watch what is being aired you watch what you like.
> I even schedule f1 to record by rule just so that myth knows and allocates a
> tuner. I then watch it close to live ormaybe 30mins delayed.
> Tell myth what you want... otherwise the scheduler is pointless.

I think I'd like to see some sort of poll on this, as my system is
used in different ways, when my mum is at my house (looking after my
kid) she just watches live tv all day,
my wife watches live tv and some recorded if there is nothing on tv
she wants to watch, I mostly record all that i like and then watch it
when there is nothing on that the wife
wants to watch.

People are just use to watching broadcast telly and filling with
recorded programs when there is nothing to watch, I don't see that
changing anytime soon!

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