[mythtv-users] How reliable is Commercial skip?

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Hi, i previously have stated that it would be great when you post such "Benchmarks" it would be great to name the country too. 

in fact i believe general commercial tagging is a waste. 

however i could imagine that general commercial tagging is replaced by specific commercial tagging 

this relates especially to the used algorithms and settings, specifying them not only by country but also by channel and time


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Betreff: [mythtv-users] How reliable is Commercial skip?

I use an hdpvr, and I have to agree that over the last couple of years the commercial skip accuracy has dropped significantly, to the point where I have had recordings of football games on national networks flag 0 commercials.  When I first started using mythtv back in 2006, commercial flagging worked pretty well.
I decided to try the patch referenced in this thread to see if it made any difference.  The last football game I recorded found 21 commercials and only missed 1!  What a huge improvement!
The one strange thing was that the skip started about 1 second before it should have and ended about 1 second before it should have, so you always saw the last ¾ second or so of the last ad, and it skipped before the station faded to black to run the ads.  Still, this patch has definitely been a major improvement for me.
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