[mythtv-users] Possible to Disable Mute Status on Volume Change?

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>If the sound is quiet peoples reaction is to press vol+ if it is far too
loud when unmuted then the user can press mute to bquieten >it, press vol-
the press vol+ to bring it to a reasonable level with minimal disturbance to
the household.

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One approach used in many systems which seems reasonably easy to get used to
is to have "mute on" virtually set the volume level to zero.  If the user
selects "mute off" the volume goes back to its previous setting.  If they
select Volume+, however, it un-mutes the sound and raises the volume from
zero -- the pre-mute volume setting is lost.  Volume-, then, does not change
the volume (since it is already at zero) but does un-mute the sound and
discards the pre-mute volume level.

- Les


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