[mythtv-users] bad frame concealment ffmpeg vs VDPAU

Wil nodenet at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 18 20:00:24 UTC 2011

A while ago after switching to VDPAU I noticed that the decoder does not
seem to make any attempt to conceal bad frames in mpeg-2 video streams.
Essentially you normally get a nice sneeze or similar effect whenever there
is a problem with the transmission i.e. bad frames are not concealed.

Various A/B comparisons I performed with ffmpeg also seemed to confirm this
when using VDPAU on other hardware. I'm currently running 0.24.1-Fixes but
noticed this back on 0.22. The issue has remained in effect regardless of
the mythtv revision or the version of the nvidia drivers that are utilised.
I suspect that this is just a shortcoming of the VDPAU decoder. As such I do
not use it for SD material any longer.

Has anyone else spotted this and does anyone have access to the nvnews forum
or somewhere nvidia related to open a bug report. I tried to sign up for the
forum but they have IMHO an absurd signup process and even after filling in
there tedious nonsense it appears they do not like either my hotmail or
gmail addresses. I'm not going to waste a proper address on them as that's
what the disposable addresses are for i.e. forums etc. 


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