[mythtv-users] Problems Running Headless MBE/FE with Fedora 15/Gnome 3

Mache Creeger mache at creeger.com
Thu Sep 22 18:02:54 UTC 2011

At 07:05 AM 9/21/2011, Mache Creeger wrote:
>Any ideas? Can folks running Headless Fedora 15 MBEs who want to use 
>the GUI over vnc post their xorg.conf files?
>-- Mache
>At 10:08 AM 9/20/2011, Mache Creeger wrote:
>>I recently upgraded my MBE/FE combo to Fedora 15 and am having 
>>problems running it headless. While it normally lives in my garage, 
>>I have the mythtv account autologin and gain access to the FE and 
>>desktop through VNC not to run video but to do various housekeeping 
>>tasks on the GUI. I have tried various xorg.conf configurations 
>>andeither X will not load because it cannot find the right edid or 
>>when I can get X and Gnome to load and mythtv auto logs in, I get 
>>an error on the mythtv desktop that states "could not apply the 
>>stored configuration for monitors", "none of the selected modes 
>>were compatible with possible modes: CRTC 354: Trying mode..." and 
>>then a bunch of resolutions in the 50 to 57 Mhz range. The error 
>>messages interferes with my launching and running mythfrontend on 
>>the Gnome desktop. Listed below is my most recent 
>>/etc/X11/xorg.conf attempt with some of the last lines of 
>>/var/log/Xorg.0.log. Any ideas would be most appreciated.
>>-- Mache

Always entertaining to see how far afield the thread can go from my 
original question. However, I was able to solve the mystery of 
running a Fedora 15 server without a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, 
that booted X and the Gnome GUI, autolog'ed into the mythtv userid, 
and presented a clean desktop accessible to a TightVNC client running 
over putty/ssh on Windows 7.

1. Used the following in the Device section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section "Device"
         Identifier  "Device0"
         Driver      "nvidia"
         Option      "UseEDID"     "FALSE"
         Option      "UseDisplayDevice" "CRT-1"
         Option      "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT-1"
         Option      "IgnoreEDID" "TRUE"
         Option      "UseEDIDFreqs" "FALSE"
         Option      "UseEDIDDPi" "FALSE"
         Option      "ModeValidation" "NoEdidModes"
         VendorName  "NVIDIA Corporation"

2. Changed the name of the following file in the autolog'ed in user 
area (in my case /home/mythtv)

# mv ~/.config/monitors.xml ~/.config/monitors.xml-original

3. Used the Gnome account settings feature to autologin on boot to my 
specified userid.

Hope helps others with the same issue.

-- Mache 
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