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Thu Sep 22 15:47:09 UTC 2011

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 7:01 AM, digid myth <digidmyth at gmail.com> wrote:

> You should not have a problem, if you spread your disk load. My backend is
> a dual core AMD with gigabit ethernet, 6 gig of DDR 2 ram, not a very fast
> system, by todays standards
> I have a HD Homerun that I use for OTA recordings.
> 5 sata drives on the motherboard and a 4 port SATA 1 - PCI card with 4 more
> 2 TB drives attached.
> Motherboard sata drives are,
> 1 fast boot drive, also holds mysql database (7200 RPM)
> 1 1TB drive for mythtv recordings (7200 RPM)
> 2 2TB drives in software RAID 1 for NAS storage (5400 RPM)
> 1 2 TB Spare drive. (5400 RPM)
> PCI SATA 1 Card
> 2 2tb drives hold Mythvideo files (5400 RPM)
> 2 2tb drives used for remote backups (5400 RPM)
> This is a myth backend, I PXE boot my front ends off this server. It also
> runs a webdav server, mail server, a OSX vm (running mail spam filters and
> iTunes), zone minder with 4 cameras, automated network backup software that
> backup all the desktop/workstations on the network, NFS/samba for NAS, and
> has gnome GUI up on the console all the time.
> Its not uncommon on the weekends for the system to be watching or recording
> 2 channels, streaming 3 videos, and someone accessing the NAS playing music
> etc. From time to time I even have handbrake ripping a DVD down. The CPU
> does max out from time to time, but the system has no problem dealing with
> the load. Memory is never a problem. If I try to bring a 2nd VM up
> everything goes to hell on the system! If the wife can not watch her SOAP's
> she gets a little upset! :-)
> Idle power is 78 watts, with peaks to 120 watts or so. This server is 3
> years old and due to be upgraded. I think the key to making everything work
> is having a separate drive for the recordings, a very fast boot drive, and
> ram to spare.
> All the drives except the Boot drive are set to spin down and go to sleep
> if idle for 15 min.
> There is a dedicated gigabit switch to this server that has the hdhomerun,
> 2 myth front ends, and 2 media players (cinema tubes in the kids rooms),
> that play video via SAMBA attached, and 1 port that goes to the router. I
> did have problems when the server was plugged into the router with network
> saturation and latency but once I put it on its own switch that problem went
> away.

Great reply, Digid.

You are doing almost exactly what I am doing, only I'm tackling it with
newer (more powerful) hardware.  Thanks for sharing that.

My server has 8 GB and I can bump that to 16 GB for $50.

I am going to duplicate what you have done and see where it gets me.
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