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digid myth digidmyth at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 13:01:06 UTC 2011

You should not have a problem, if you spread your disk load. My backend is a
dual core AMD with gigabit ethernet, 6 gig of DDR 2 ram, not a very fast
system, by todays standards
I have a HD Homerun that I use for OTA recordings.
5 sata drives on the motherboard and a 4 port SATA 1 - PCI card with 4 more
2 TB drives attached.

Motherboard sata drives are,
1 fast boot drive, also holds mysql database (7200 RPM)
1 1TB drive for mythtv recordings (7200 RPM)
2 2TB drives in software RAID 1 for NAS storage (5400 RPM)
1 2 TB Spare drive. (5400 RPM)

2 2tb drives hold Mythvideo files (5400 RPM)
2 2tb drives used for remote backups (5400 RPM)

This is a myth backend, I PXE boot my front ends off this server. It also
runs a webdav server, mail server, a OSX vm (running mail spam filters and
iTunes), zone minder with 4 cameras, automated network backup software that
backup all the desktop/workstations on the network, NFS/samba for NAS, and
has gnome GUI up on the console all the time.

Its not uncommon on the weekends for the system to be watching or recording
2 channels, streaming 3 videos, and someone accessing the NAS playing music
etc. From time to time I even have handbrake ripping a DVD down. The CPU
does max out from time to time, but the system has no problem dealing with
the load. Memory is never a problem. If I try to bring a 2nd VM up
everything goes to hell on the system! If the wife can not watch her SOAP's
she gets a little upset! :-)

Idle power is 78 watts, with peaks to 120 watts or so. This server is 3
years old and due to be upgraded. I think the key to making everything work
is having a separate drive for the recordings, a very fast boot drive, and
ram to spare.
All the drives except the Boot drive are set to spin down and go to sleep if
idle for 15 min.

There is a dedicated gigabit switch to this server that has the hdhomerun, 2
myth front ends, and 2 media players (cinema tubes in the kids rooms), that
play video via SAMBA attached, and 1 port that goes to the router. I did
have problems when the server was plugged into the router with network
saturation and latency but once I put it on its own switch that problem went

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