[mythtv-users] Question on scheduling

Aaron Klein klein.aaron at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 01:40:05 UTC 2011

In the past I always selected the channel I wanted a show to record on and
picked the "Record at any time on channel XYZ"  This was before I had the
ability to record digital versions of the shows.  Now that I have both
analog and digital tuners I would prefer the digital version if possible but
do not want to have a conflict should there be no avaialble digital tuner
for a given show so I tried the rule "Record at any time on any channel."
This seems to work ok for shows that are a day or two out in the listings
but for shows far out in the listings I get many conflicts because it seems
to want to record any and all airings of the show.  So if I have three ABC's
with two being digital and one being analog the upcoming recordings show all
three to be recorded and thus two conflicts.

Maybe I am overly anal about conflicts appearing but I was wondering is
there any way to have it select a channel to record a show on and at the
same time not end up trying to record two versions of the show at the same
time.  The reason is we often will want to record many different shows that
air at the same time slot and I dont want to have one be missed because
another show got recorded twice.  I feel the anytime on any channel opens up
the ability to have the system possibly record two shows on a single
multiplexed channel that if I specified a channel in a the ruleset that it
would then not be able to record.
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