[mythtv-users] OT? Shuttle + ProRAID or Obsidian case for i3/i5 Myth BE ?

linux guy linuxguy123 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 18:14:14 UTC 2011

I have a conundrum about the form factor I'm going to use for my Myth BE.
I'd like to hear people's opinions.

My BE is going to be a headless server sitting in my basement.  It will not
be connected to a display device.

It will be serving content to 3 to 5 FEs, most in 1080i, and transcoding
might be involved (DLNA requirement of TVs), so I'm thinking of using an i3
or i5 for the BE machine.

I want the BE to have a RAID array, so nothing ever gets lost.  I'd like to
run RAID 5 with 4 drives and 6 to 10 GB of usable storage.

I am considering 2 form factors.

1) Shuttle SH67H3 + Mediasonic 4 bay ProRAID enclosure



Cost is $460 + shipping

2) Obsidian 650D + Asus H67 motherboard with 6 channel SATA and built in
RAID + Obsidian 600 Watt Power supply


Cost is $340ish for the setup , bought locally

Put another way, the Shuttle is $120 more, setup for setup, assuming the
same HD, processor and RAM is used.

The 650D case is nice, but big and clumsy.  Its actually hard to lift
because it doesn't have a handle, the case is slippery and its big.  Really
big.  I might even put it on rollers.

It does have a SATA hot plug port on the front, which is really nice.

The Shuttle is small and easily moved.   The external Proraid is hot plug
and the two would fit really nicely on my rack shelves.

I don't plan on moving my BE to work on it, nor moving the RAID around, but
that doesn't mean it won't happen.

Which of these two or others would you buy ?  Or do you have something
better ?

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