[mythtv-users] HVR-2250 blue recordings

Timothy Krantz tkrantz at stahurabrenner.com
Mon Sep 19 21:17:40 UTC 2011

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> Hi,
> my backend is running 0.24.1 and has a single HVR-2250 tuner 
> card. Sometimes I get recordings that have a blue screen 
> only. I'm guessing because it was scheduled on the card's 2nd 
> tuner hardware but I haven't proved it.
> It seems that somehow (only) the card's 2nd tuner hardware 
> isn't being initialized properly on opening.
> I have 2 input groups set up (1 analog and 1 digital input on 
> each group). Both digital tuners are setup to open on demand, 
> and to not do EIT scanning. Tuner timeouts are the default values.
> I guessed that the analog and digital inputs both listed as 
> number 0 are shared hardware and the two tuners listed as 
> number 1 are shared hardware. Is this (necessarily) true? 
> (Could it be e.g. 0 and 1 are shared hardware, and 1 and 0 
> the other shared hardware?)
> I also found that in 'watch live tv' analog input 0 and 
> digital input 0 seem always OK, yet digital input 1 can't 
> tune and gives me a blue picture until I switch to analog 1, 
> tune it to a differnet analog channel, then switch back to 
> digital 1. It can then tune the channel it couldn't before.
> Has anyone else with an HVR-2250 had this experience?  Is 
> this a known mythtv bug? I don't think its a hardware issue 
> as I can get all the tuners working fine outside of mythtv.
> Thanks guys,
> Neil Cooper.

I have *exactly* the same behaviour. I don't know how to fix it.

What kernel are you running?

Sorry for being a "me too" but he asked.


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