[mythtv-users] OS X MythFillDatabase hangs using 100% CPU

Eric Holt ericsh at wvcom.net
Mon Sep 19 00:53:55 UTC 2011

On Sep 17, 2011, at 1:01 PM, Craig Treleaven wrote:

> At 12:14 PM -0400 9/17/11, Eric Holt wrote:
>> My 'quick and dirty' fix was to just move wget to /usr/bin.  This worked fine, and mythfilldatabase ran as expected this morning.  I'll work on getting the path setup correctly under launchd later on.
>> Now I'm fighting with perl bindings so I can run the optimize and backup 'mythconverg DB' scripts  ;)
> For wget, I just put in the full path (same as yours).
> I've been compiling and running Myth on Mac since 0.20 and I don't believe I've ever been successful in building the Perl bindings.  Several pre-requisites are necessary (I have a list around here, somewhere) that are not installed by default on OS X.  I've tried CPAN and manual installs to try to make configure happy--with no success.  'Course, I'm not a developer and what unix/linux I know is gleaned from this list! 
> If you can get the Perl bindings to build, I'd really appreciate a step-by-step recipe!
> If you can't, you can do what I did.  MySQL installs some command line tools for backing up, checking and optimizing the database.  The script I hacked together is on my page of the wiki  <http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/User:Pvr4me>.  Remember the "I'm not a developer" part?!  ;)  I run this nightly through launchd and it emails me a log.  Maybe it would help as a starting point...


Thanks much for your post on the wiki and the script.  That looks like it will work fine for my case.  I modified it a bit (I got the actual backup/restore scripts working, so I'm using those for my backup), but I'm now using this for my nightly Db optimization.

Maybe one of these days I'll have time to actually build Myth myself on OS X, but right now I unfortunately just don't have the time.  That, plus the new fall TV season starting this week, had me in a bit of a rush to get this new backend up and running.  Overall, the process was pretty smooth.  The OS X builds on sourceforge are working great.  Getting the backend itself up and running was very quick, it was just getting some of these "side" things working like I previously had them on Linux that caused me some headaches ;)

This refurb'd Mac Mini Server runs like a champ, though!  It, in combination with a HDHR, brings my server footprint down significantly -- along with my power consumption.  Plus my office is cooler and quieter.  Win, win, win. ;)

Thx again...

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