[mythtv-users] OS X MythFillDatabase hangs using 100% CPU

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Sat Sep 17 17:01:48 UTC 2011

At 12:14 PM -0400 9/17/11, Eric Holt wrote:
>My 'quick and dirty' fix was to just move wget to /usr/bin.  This worked fine, and mythfilldatabase ran as expected this morning.  I'll work on getting the path setup correctly under launchd later on.
>Now I'm fighting with perl bindings so I can run the optimize and backup 'mythconverg DB' scripts  ;)

For wget, I just put in the full path (same as yours).

I've been compiling and running Myth on Mac since 0.20 and I don't believe I've ever been successful in building the Perl bindings.  Several pre-requisites are necessary (I have a list around here, somewhere) that are not installed by default on OS X.  I've tried CPAN and manual installs to try to make configure happy--with no success.  'Course, I'm not a developer and what unix/linux I know is gleaned from this list! 

If you can get the Perl bindings to build, I'd really appreciate a step-by-step recipe!

If you can't, you can do what I did.  MySQL installs some command line tools for backing up, checking and optimizing the database.  The script I hacked together is on my page of the wiki  <http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/User:Pvr4me>.  Remember the "I'm not a developer" part?!  ;)  I run this nightly through launchd and it emails me a log.  Maybe it would help as a starting point...


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