[mythtv-users] Play from DVD drive in remote machine

Erik Jensen eriksjunk at laurelwoodart.com
Sun Sep 18 03:52:57 UTC 2011

I am currently driving my projector from an ION system in a rather
inaccessible location. I would like to be able to pop a DVD into the
drive of another computer and play it on the front end with minimal
fuss. The closest I have gotten is using NBD (network block device),
but playing a DVD is still rather complicated (insert dvd, play dvd
locally with mplayer to unlock the drive, connect NBD, play DVD,
disconnect NBD, eject dvd). What would be ideal would be a way to
forward raw ATA commands over the network, allowing the front end to
unlock the drive, eject the disc, etc. Does anyone know of a utility
that would allow me to accomplish this?


-- Erik Jensen

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