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>     >  I am sorry but that response is largely gibberish to me.  Are you referring to the Card Type field?  How am I supposed to know what to set that to if the authors of the product do not?  I have tried:
>     >
>     >  USB MPEG-4 encoder box
>     >  Analog V4L capture card
>     >  IVTV MPEG-2 encoder card
>     >  H.264 encoder card
>     >
>     >  And NONE of them enable the channel scan button either in Input Connections or Channel Editor.
    Then you have managed to try almost every option but the one that
    actually matters. All of those input types are for analog devices. You
    have a digital tuner. Hence, you use the "DVB DTV capture card
    (v3.x)". Assuming your tuner drivers are installed properly, MythTV
    will autodetect the card as /dev/dvb/adapter0, at which point you can
    bind your video source to your tuner input, and scan for channels.

Thank you.  That gets me further.

Defining the Capture Card I get it assigned to /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0.  This informs me that the "Frontend ID" is "Auvitek AU8522 QAM/Subtype: ATSC", whatever that means.  At least when I selected the other options they identified that I was attached to the Hauppage HVR-950Q.

In "Input Connections" I select my video source, although I have no idea why I am doing that since all I want to do is timed recordings.  Then I tab down to "Scan for channels" which is now enabled.  However scan for channels is unable to find any signals on any channels, even though when I use the stick through WinTV it finds several.


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