[mythtv-users] HDHomerun signal issue

ojw at weilerfamily.com ojw at weilerfamily.com
Sat Sep 17 08:42:02 UTC 2011

Lately (and just in time for new seasons of stuff), I've been getting  
really poor signal quality on my "lower" channels.  I'm using OTA-ATSC  
and am in the Los Angeles area.  From what I can see, the "lower"  
channels here (2, 4, 5).  Around these parts, those correspond to ATSC  
channels 43, 36, and 31.

Normally, I'd say this is just a bad antenna connection but I thought  
I'd try updating my HDHomerun's first (I have 3 of them).  After doing  
that using the windows updater, I ran a scan and the signal rate for  
these low channels are a good 25% higher on the scan in the  
SiliconDust version of the scanner rather than the mythtv scanner.   
All 3 HDHomeruns seem to be acting the same in terms of signal strength.

I'll go up on the roof tomorrow but does this sound right?  Perhaps  
there's some frequency list that's out of date?

Here's some more pertinent information: I'm running MyhtTV v0.21 built  
from source.  The operating system is Fedora Core 8.  I haven't  
rescanned my channels since most of the US switched the OTA signals to  
digital programming.

My first gut reaction is to just upgrade to the latest trunk and be  
done with it but this would be quite a bit of work (FC8 just can't  
compile the latest without a whole lot of work, way more work than  
just downloading a recent OS and installing that first instead).

Is there some way to fix my problem without updating everything?

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