[mythtv-users] Anyone tested the DVB-T2 dual tuner TBS6280?

brio hewi briogoog at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 16 21:45:14 UTC 2011

Simon Hobson wrote:
 > Harald Gustafsson wrote:
 >>OK so this states that the current drivers don't support both DVB-T
 >>and -T2 simultaneously. This is good to know since this would be my
 >>common usage, going to record DVB-T2 on one of the tuners while
 >>recording DVB-T on the other.
 > Ditto - no point having two T2 tuners in the UK since we only have
 > one T2 mux at the moment.
 > But I can see their point - keep things separate and simplify
 > debugging. Definitely confirms my thoughts that this device is still
 > too "bleeding edge" for most people (but then so were DVB-T tuners
 > once

I'm in the same boat, got a new tbs6280 and when  in Nottingham DVB-T2 
became available a couple of weeks ago, re-tuned but no dvb-t2 channels.
Added a comment on the tbs forum asking about the availability of the t2 
drivers yesterday, but understand from another post on this news group
that they have not been released yet.
Fine as a 2 channel dvb-t pci-x card though.

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