[mythtv-users] OS X MythFillDatabase hangs using 100% CPU

Eric Holt ericsh at wvcom.net
Fri Sep 16 10:33:05 UTC 2011

Hi all.  I just moved my backend from some 4 year old hardware to a refurb'd Mac Mini Server.

All is working great, except for the scheduled MythFillDatabase runs. They are hanging, eating up 100% cpu usage on one of the cores.

Looking through the logs, I found this relevant piece of information:

	sh: wget: command not found

Oddly enough, I installed wget in a directory in the user's path (/usr/local/bin/wget).  The user can run wget without specifying the path.

The myth user can also run mythfilldatabase from Console without any problem.  If I run it manually, it runs perfectly fine, no issues.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in Advance!

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