[mythtv-users] MCEUSB Power button working to well.

Thomas Boehm mythtv-users at lists.boehmi.net
Tue Sep 13 19:19:07 UTC 2011

Jan Johansson wrote:
> I haven't had my remote connected for a while, but when I reconnected it
> after upgrading box to Ubuntu 10.04 the power-button on my remote
> actually puts my box into sleep mode.
> I do not want that, and when running Ubuntu 9.4 it did not.
> I have the following in my lirc-config
> begin
>     remote = mceusb
>     prog = irexec
>     button = Power
>     config = killall mythfrontend
> end
> And I do see the frontend being terminated before the box goes into
> standby. But, my question is now: What is listening to my remote, and
> how do I get it to stop changing the power state of my box?

Maybe the Power button is defined a second time in ~/.lirc/irexec or
another file with the suspend command. Just have a look with

grep Power ~/.lirc/*


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