[mythtv-users] PVR-150s failing to record

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sun Sep 11 22:58:40 UTC 2011

> Hi all,
> I've recently upgraded my backend from CentOS 5 (standard kernel)/
> MythTV .19 to CentOS 6 (standard kernel)/ MythTV 24.1-fixes
> (v0.24.1-78-g8b9e5ce) after having MythTV running successfully for
> probably close to 5 years.  I have a headless master backend and two
> frontends.
> Getting use to the new version has taken some time, but I'm running into
> a few different issues, and I'm not sure where or how to start debugging
> them.  I have 2 PVR-150s connected to two dish network receivers via
> S-Video.  Everything works fairly well for two to three days after which
> the both of the cards stop recording.  When this happens, the only way
> to fix it is to reboot the machine.  Stopping and restarting mythbackend
> does not fix the problem.

I'm also getting problems with a PVR150 connected via svideo to an STB and
have up to now put it down to the hardware going bad. As you my system has
been very stable for over 5 years but in the last 2-3 months (since
updating to 0.24) I've been getting this random failure.

I've tried restarting the backend, unloading the ivtv driver and
modprobing it again to force a firmware reload to the card but to no avail

Possible that a new IOCTL is being used with the later backend s/w that
initiates this fault on the card? I've not changed kernel version (and
hence driver version) for over a year so I know its nothing at that level.

Sorry its a 'me too' but I thought you might like to know you are not alone!!

Robin Gilks

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