[mythtv-users] Rescan from the command line

Clay ctmythtv at pacbell.net
Wed Sep 7 21:16:41 UTC 2011

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 09/07/2011 01:52 PM, Mike Perkins wrote:
>> On 07/09/11 16:33, Clay wrote:
>>> Ian Oliver wrote:
>>>> In article<VA.00002b08.0146d11a at foxhill.co.uk>, Ian Oliver wrote:
>>>>> Ah, so does this also have a text/curses interface?
>>>> Ignore me - I've never used the Y option. Will try tonight.
>>> I use x forwarding:
>>> ssh -X (IP of MBE)
>> As I understand it, Y gives you the option of root access. You did want to stop
>> the backend before running mythtv-setup and restarting it afterwards?
> Actually, -Y allows you to use things like cut/copy and paste. With -X
> you're using "untrusted" X forwarding, saying, "I think there's a 
> keystroke logger running on the machine to which I'm connecting, so I 
> don't want to allow any application any access to the 
> keyboard/mouse/clipboard/..." for example.
> If you have a keystroke logger running on your master backend--and you 
> didn't install it--I think there are worse things that will happen than 
> some nefarious system cracker finding out what path you typed for your 
> MythTV Storage Directories and where you clicked on the screen to start 
> a channel scan.  ;)
> But, if you don't trust your own system, feel free to use the -X option, 
> instead--and then wonder why things that work fine locally don't work 
> when using X forwarding.
> Mike

Thanks for the education.
I've always used -X because that's what I learned, way back when, and it 
works, and I never learned about -Y...

I'll use -Y next time... If some quirk of fate makes room in this old 
brain to store the info long enough to try it.

(I know, I know... man ssh)

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