[mythtv-users] No Audio on Music

Emmanuel eallaud at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 19:27:00 UTC 2011

On 29/08/2011 23:54, Robin Gilks wrote:
>> Sometimes when I enter MythMusic, there is no music played.  I can skip
>> through songs (and other times can't).  Sometimes I'm able to back out of
>> MythMusic and start again, then music starts playing.  Other times, I have
>> to kill the FE.  Unfortunately, I don't have any logs as I'm never sure
>> when
>> this will happen.  If no one else has seen this error, then feel free to
>> ignore this email.
>> Also, I recall reading that upgrading to Natty was causing some people
>> issues.  I'm running MythBuntu with JYAs repo.  Are people still having
>> issues?  Thanks!
>> Jim
> I've found that trying to play wave files with unusual sample rates causes
> the audio to disappear until I exit the plugin and come back in. I know a
> couple of short files at 8k rate cause this problem. None of the mp3 files
> or 44.1k rate wave files have an issue.
> All worked fine under 0.23, its only 0.24 I have had a problem with...
Same issue here: flac 24bits/44,1kHz does not work, though 24bits/96kHz 
does work, go figure...

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