[mythtv-users] Can't playback hdhomerun prime / wintv-dcr-2650 files in VLC 1.1.11 (windows)?

James virtue at rocketmonkeys.com
Thu Sep 1 15:56:09 UTC 2011

I used VLC with mythtv to playback my analog recordings.  Now that I
have my wintv-dcr-2650 (they really need a better name for that)
setup, I can download & play my files on my windows machine just fine
via media player classic, but VLC is unable to play the files.  It
shows the first frame, shows that it's playing (vs. being stopped),
but does nothing else.

Anyone have an idea why it's not working?  I do like MPC, but I prefer
VLC for playback.  Thanks!


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