[mythtv-users] How do I change channel names? (mythfilldatabase + mc2xml)

James virtue at rocketmonkeys.com
Thu Sep 1 04:37:32 UTC 2011

I run mc2xml to get a list of channels in my area.  In each node, it has this:

    <channel id="I190.28455994.microsoft.com">
        <display-name>190 COMEDY</display-name>
        <display-name>Comedy Central</display-name>

After running "mythfilldatabase", the channels have the right
"channum" (just the channel number").  But the callsign is "190CO"
instead of "COMEDY".  And the "name" is "109 COMEDY" instead of
"Comedy Central".  Is there an option to get mythtv to parse the
channel info correctly?  Is there a certain order it expects the
<display-name> nodes to be in?  I wrote my own channel parsing script,
so I can easily remove/reorder those lines if needed.  I'm just
curious how mythfilldatabase works (or if there's an easier way).


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