[mythtv-users] CBS sucks!

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at cs.duke.edu
Mon Oct 31 16:27:29 UTC 2011

On 10/31/11 11:54, Roger H wrote:

> Updated EIT data could also be used when recording the game as you then
> know exactly how long to record.  Not such a big deal for football on
> CBS as you can probably guess how much to add to the end of the
> recording, but it would be very useful for things like playoff hockey,
> as if a game goes into overtime you have no idea how long it will be (it
> could be an extra 15 min, it could be over 3 hours).  I usually add an
> extra 3 hours and hope that it isn't one of those record breaking
> marathon games.

There is an extension for SageTV (Sage Recording Extender) that will
extend recordings for sporting events by monitoring various sports
related websites, waiting for them to publish the "final" result.
That method doesn't work so well to automatically pad or extend
the following programs, since networks will sometimes show
the end of some other game, or other wise do unpredictable nonsense.
I think correct EIT data is the only way to automatically
pad/extend programs following sports.

> Interestingly, various Canadian networks rebraodcast those CBS games,
> but instead of delaying the rest of the days schedule, they "resume the
> previously scheduled program already in progress," showing the end of
> that program and then continuing on as originally scheduled.  Anoying
> for viewers of the next program but better for everyone else.

I grew up near the border.   I remember that the Canadian networks would
often broadcast shows at different times than the American networks.
So that way, you had a second chance to see it if you missed it.
This was in the early 80s, before VCRs.  I wonder if they still
do that..?


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