[mythtv-users] HDMI-CEC ?

martin martin at mstubbs.co.uk
Fri Oct 28 20:48:40 UTC 2011

On 28/10/11 10:40, Mark Kendall wrote:
> On 27 October 2011 16:45, martin<martin at mstubbs.co.uk>  wrote:
>> On 25/10/11 18:40, Mark Kendall wrote:
>>> On 24 October 2011 22:17, Mark Kendall<mark.kendall at gmail.com>    wrote:
>>>> The hacked up code below should do the trick or if you want to wait a
>>>> little, I'll be committing a proper version to master either tonight
>>>> or tomorrow morning.
>>> ... and the patch will not work with the latest libcec. Stumbled
>>> across a few problems with my latest patch, so will be a little
>>> delayed.
>> Mark,
>> Thought I would give you an update on my progress with your new code.
>> Unfortunately the only command that currently works from mythtv is
>> turning the TV to standby on program closing. I am using a panasonic tv
>> + DVD/theatre system which must work differently to your system.
>> If I use the cec-client program I can turn the tv on and it registers a
>> name of "others" in the viera link control. I am trying to see why this
>> works but your code won't register MythTV. Maybe we will need different
>> command tables for different TV manufacturers.
> Can I suggest you post a log from 'mythfrontend --loglevel=debug' and
> perhaps annotate it as necessary (tv is currently off!) etc.
> If you're not doing so already, try ssh'ing into the box and following
> the log as you test.
> Does the remote control pass through work?
> ... and, have you checked whether CEC is configurable in the TV
> settings? Mine had to be switched on for both the TV and PS3.


I'm sure the problems I am having relate to how libcec works with the 
various manufacturers implementation of the standard. I have been using 
the debug logs from both mythfrontend and cec-client and your code is 
obviously making the correct calls but my Panasonic TV does not 
understand. During one test mythfrontend saw the left arrow key and some 
numbers but the other arrow keys didn't work. I'm sure the inconsistency 
from one test to the next is because the device is not registered 
properly with the TV.

There are others on the pulse eight forums making similar comments about 
problems their xbmc systems and Panasonic. The latest version of the 
library is starting to take account of other manufacturers differences 
so hopefully Panasonic will come soon.
As per my comment on IRC your library version check is inverted as I got 
the following messages
CoreContext cecadapter.cpp:131 (Open) - CECAdapter: You need at least 
libcec version 7 (found 8).
CoreContext cecadapter.cpp:198 (Close) - CECAdapter: Closing down CEC.
When I swapped the > for a < all was well.


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