[mythtv-users] CBOT - no EIT info (again)

Mike mythtv at dtmc.ca
Fri Oct 28 13:29:19 UTC 2011

On 4 October 2011 23:29, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> On 10/04/2011 02:36 PM, Mike wrote:
>> On 4 October 2011 14:22, Raymond Wagner wrote:
>>> On 10/4/2011 14:08, Mike wrote:
>>>> I posted back in May I'd lost EIT programming for CBOT and in parallel
>>>> I'd written to CBC and found that they corrected the problem.
>>>> I've noticed since the analogue-to-digital switchover though most of
>>>> the channels no have no EIT information, including CBOT off the
>>>> Gatineau transmitter.
>>>> Has anyone else noticed this before I start assuming its a problem
>>>> with my backend?
>>> I think everyone else uses Schedules Direct, since EIT is known to suck
>>> badly.
>> Thanks, it was rudimentary but worked good enough for the price point.
>> (I read SchedulesDirect is putting up its prices
> Yes, by a whole $5 per year.  That's one (or less than one?) Starbucks
> coffee per year.
>>   because of decreasing
>> membership. That sucks.)
> Well, as someone who isn't using Schedules Direct, *you* are in a
> position to actually do something about the decreasing membership that
> *I*, as a member of Schedules Direct, can't do.
> And, if all the people (who probably don't participate on this list) who
> are stealing TMS data with mc2xml would stop stealing their listings and
> pay their share for the data they're using, we probably wouldn't have
> problems with SD membership...  You know, the same mc2xml that steals
> TMS data--but whose website actually tells people to stay away from Orb
> software because "The Orb software company has a history of stealing and
> embedding/hiding mc2xml.exe (renamed to xmltvgrabber.exe) in their
> software bundle and claiming it as their own work. Avoid this company."
> and whose website that asks people to donate money to the author of the
> program that allows them to steal the listings data...  If those people
> would instead donate their money to Schedules Direct...
> Mike
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Finally a response from CBC:

"The insertion of program guide data within the CBC off air TV signal
has been removed, as it has been causing the outgoing transmitted
signal to be unstable in recent weeks.
There is no time frame in place for the return of this feature."

At least my system is "working".

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