[mythtv-users] UPNP/DLNA experiences with MythTV

Conor Klecker conor at ronoc.net
Mon Oct 24 13:02:51 UTC 2011

I own an Xbox 360 and it can play most xvid/divx avi movies over the
UPNP off of my Mythtv backend. It will play SD recordings from my
PVR-150 no problem, and play HD recordings from my HDHR for about 2
min before choking and erring out. Also viewing recordings on the Xbox
is the same experience as browsing the /recordings folder. No clue
what recordings are what, since they are all titled with their
timestamp and date. I have put ps3mediaserver on my mythbackend and
run mythlink to make pretty folders and transcode the recordings, but
HD is still rather choppy on my xbox. I still cannot play blu-ray .mkv
rips either.

A friend recently gave me he PS3 to replace the laser in it. So I
decided to see how PS3 worked with the ps3mediaserver. And it worked a
little better than it did on the 360. However, UPNP right off the
mythtv backend to the PS3 played great! Smooth as silk playback, I
could even confidently pause/ff/rw with confidently since the playback
never bottomed out and quit back like it did on the 360. Even better
browsing the MythTV recordings gave folders to view recordings by
several different categories: Start Date, Genre, Title, Series. All
the recordings were in full human readable format. So if anyone is on
the fence about weather or not a PS3 would make a good frontend you
may safely fall on the "YES" side of that fence.

Details about my setup:

Mythbuntu 11.04
mythtv: 24.1
Network: gigabit wired

Also I have a frontend running mythbuntu 11.04 (Athlon XP3200+,
GeForce 2, 2GB ram) that plays HD 720 recordings great, but stutters
on 1080 playback.

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