[mythtv-users] Backend with storage group on raid array

Andy Burns mythtv.lists at burns.me.uk
Sun Oct 23 21:16:28 UTC 2011

On 15 October 2011 15:14, Andy Burns <mythtv.lists at burns.me.uk> wrote:

> I have a dedicated backend, its single storage group is on an mdadm
> RAID5 array of 8x SATA II 750GB disks

Just as a follow up ...I decided to remove a couple of disks from the
RAID5 array, so now I have

2x 750GB disks in RAID1 for O/S, mysql (and some other uses)
2x 250GB disks in RAID0 with directories for liveTV and default storage groups
6x 750GB disks in RAID5 with a directory for long term storage group
(and some other uses)

This has made a drastic improvement to concurrent HD recordings and
live chase-play, though I haven't been running it this way long enough
to declare it perfect yet!

Am I missing something, or is there no method from the front-end to
move a recording from one storage group to another? Is this feature a
"do not want"?

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