[mythtv-users] HD Homerun config GUI interfering with Myth

R KANNAN rk111810 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 03:28:48 UTC 2011


I am using MythTV (0.24) with HD Homerun tuner on Mythubtunu 11.04. Myth
seems to be working fine.But I found that one of  my scheduled recordings
did not go through yesterday. The backend logs has the following lines

   1. 2011-10-13 21:03:01.429 HDHRSH(1030CB19-1) Error: Set request failed
   2.                         eno: Resource temporarily unavailable (11)
   3. 2011-10-13 21:03:02.640 HDHRSH(1030CB19-1) Error: Get request failed
   4.                         eno: Resource temporarily unavailable (11)
   5. 2011-10-13 21:03:03.090 HDHRSH(1030CB19-1) Error: Set request failed
   6.                         eno: Resource temporarily unavailable (11)
   7. 2011-10-13 21:03:03.545 HDHRSH(1030CB19-1) Error: Get request failed
   8.                         eno: Resource temporarily unavailable (11)

First I thought some other client in the network was using the tuner. But
after checking with others it turned out not to be the case.

I found the lights on HDHR was coming on even hen myth was not recording or
was on Live TV. I found that the HDHR config GUI was tuning into it
automatically with a lot of disk activity. The network rate was showing
nonzero value as Mbps.The only way to stop this was to hit the view button
and close the VLC Media player. HDHR tune lights  then tuned off. Is it
possible for this application to do this on its own? Is there a way to stop
this short of un-installing this application? Will un-installing it affect

Thanksfo any help.
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