[mythtv-users] Adding A Few Channels to HDHR Line-up

John Welch jrw3319 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 15:51:35 UTC 2011

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 2:44 PM, bhaskins <bhaskins at chartermi.net> wrote:

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> On 10/22/2011 12:58 PM, John Welch wrote:
> Hi All,
> Comcast in my area recently added a few channels that I am able to tune
> with my HDHR (verified using the hdhomerun utilities from Silicon Dust).
> What is the best way to get these channels into MythTV?  It's been a while
> since I've done any type of channel scans, but from past experience I find
> that they work, but you have to be careful how you use them.  These new
> channels are mostly borderline use channels for me, so I'm a bit hesitant to
> do anything that might mess up my existing channel line-ups which I have
> working to my satisfaction.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> John
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>  Before you do, I suggest that you try those in the HDHR config GUI.
> The cable company that I am stuck with with has made it so that all
> of the "new channels" are only available from their cable box.
> I imagine this will only get worse over time thanks to the diligence
> of our congress!@#$%^&*.
> That being said, I always seem to end up with a few missing channels
> after a scan.
> One of these is TBS. (???)
> I have managed to do a wham-bam insertion of the missing channels using
> a script that I got from this group which I don't happen to have it handy
> at this time.
Thanks.  Regarding trying the channels with the HDHR config GUI, that's what
I meant when I said that I verified them with the hdhomerun utilities from
Silicon Dust.  Actually booted into Windows because I find the SD programs a
little easier to use there, ran a scan, and tuned/viewed the channels in

I'll do some searching around for the script you might be using; maybe
posted somewhere on the mailing list, although I didn't find it in my
initial searches.

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