[mythtv-users] Doubled keys from remote

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Fri Oct 21 12:48:29 UTC 2011

On 11-10-21 12:12 AM, aaron wrote:
> Some references suggest I don't want/need to use LIRC with the
> ir-kbd-i2c driver, and others suggest I can use it. I thought I'd try
> to use it because I couldn't find any documentation on how to
> configure the keycodes the way I want. So I assume the problem is that
> I don't have things configured properly, but I'm not sure how to do it
> the right way.
> Can anyone offer any suggestions of what to look at? Or what
> configuration I should check/share?

The in-kernel ir-kbd-i2c driver is the best thing to use
with a PVR250 remote control/interface.

Otherwise you'll see duplicate button presses
and the remote will not operate nearly as smoothly.

Then use the "ir-keytable" command (modern distros)
or "input-kbd" (older distros) to set up the key mappings on it.

When it is working, you should be able to open a terminal window,
and see many of your button presses appearing there as if you
were using a keyboard -- especially the numbered buttons (0-9).

Now.. the in-kernel ir-kbd-i2c driver is nice, but does a horrible
job of managing button repeats.  For that reason, I patch my own
copy here to implement a much, MUCH nicer repeat algorithm:


I really like the PVR250 remote control, and now that I've gone 100%
digital for recordings, I have replaced the PVR250 card in my system
with a PCTV-800i PCI digital tuner --> the onboard remote control
interface for this card can also work with the original PVR250 remotes!
It uses the cx88-input driver instead of ir-kbd-i2c, and I have a
separate patch for that one.

Both cards should behave silky-smooth, with no extraneous repeats,
when patched and configured the way I have them here.


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