[mythtv-users] clearing out xmltv schedule for a couple of channels

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Thu Oct 20 10:40:33 UTC 2011

On 20 Oct 2011, at 11:02, Mike Perkins wrote:

> On 20/10/11 09:12, Andre wrote:
>> Now I have a great deal more record on any channel rules and consequently a
>> lot more episodes of Top Gear, Doctor Who and QI thanks to Dave&  Watch
>> channels :-P
> You can reduce the clutter by careful use of the filter options. "New episodes 
> only" gets rid of most of the re-runs. You can always over-ride per epsiode if 
> you find something older you haven't yet seen.

In theory yes, in practice it makes no difference.

I have 
Duplicate Check Method:	 Subtitle then Description
Check for duplicates:		All Recordings
Filter:					New Episodes Only

And I still get a bunch of Doctor Who's on Watch that I've recorded before, I guess the guide data isn't really good enough, uk_rt fwiw.

Looking through some old recordings looks like the BBC slightly changed the format of programme IDs so I guess that's the problem, fp.bbc.co.uk/1ftw6b as against /1FTW62 I suspect that Myth is trying to match these. Is there a way to tell the scheduler to ignore programme IDs and match on Subtitle only?

QI is running currently so easy to switch to recording on BBC (1) HD only, Top Gear isn't but that's not for me so the rule gets deleted until a new series starts, if the first one or two get missed I won't mind >:-)

Thanks anyway.


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