[mythtv-users] Controlling the receiver via IR too.

Dan Wilga mythtv-users2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Tue Oct 11 17:25:08 UTC 2011

On 10/11/11 12:24 PM, linux guy wrote:
> I have a distributed Myth system, ie dedicated back end, multiple
> front ends, each in a different zone in our house.
> RIght now our main live content source is a satellite receiver hooked
> to a HD-PVR.
> The BE is in the utility room in the basement of our house, along with
> the satellite receiver and HD-PVR.
> Our house has been wired for sound.   All the built in speakers are
> wired to one place, where zone amplifiers or sound receivers are
> supposed to be located, in a rack.
> I understand how to set up IR blasting from the FE to the BE to the
> HD-PVR to the satellite receiver.  I don't anticipate problems there.
> However, in the Myth equipped audio zones, I need to control the sound
> receiver via IR as well as the satellite receiver.
> I'm hoping to use the same remote for everything.   The FE will
> capture the remote control codes as it usually does.   When they get
> to the BE, I need it to send (IR blast) some signals to the HD-PVR and
> other signals (via a second blaster) to the receiver.
Here's what I use, it's an IR/RF remote:


You can also buy the remotes and receiver separately. I've had good luck 
buying used remotes on eBay.

I have one receiver in the basement, blasting IR to a USB-UIRT2, 
connected to the BE server. When tuning, the USB-UIRT2 also blasts IR 
out to the satellite receivers in the same rack.

My frontends connect to the BE using LIRC's TCP mode, so I don't need 
any IR receivers at the frontends. All of my frontend remotes are 
programmed nearly identically (using the "clone" feature), where each 
room is a separate "device". If a remote gets lost, you can just grab 
another remote, press a device name button to say which room you're in, 
and start using Myth.

You could add a second RF receiver to blast IR signals to your audio 
receiver, if it's not line-of-sight from your server. These remotes are 
highly programmable, so you can learn any signal for (almost) any button 
press, and do multi-step macros.

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