[mythtv-users] Controlling the receiver via IR too.

linux guy linuxguy123 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 16:24:45 UTC 2011

I have a distributed Myth system, ie dedicated back end, multiple
front ends, each in a different zone in our house.

RIght now our main live content source is a satellite receiver hooked
to a HD-PVR.

The BE is in the utility room in the basement of our house, along with
the satellite receiver and HD-PVR.

Our house has been wired for sound.   All the built in speakers are
wired to one place, where zone amplifiers or sound receivers are
supposed to be located, in a rack.

I understand how to set up IR blasting from the FE to the BE to the
HD-PVR to the satellite receiver.  I don't anticipate problems there.

However, in the Myth equipped audio zones, I need to control the sound
receiver via IR as well as the satellite receiver.

I'm hoping to use the same remote for everything.   The FE will
capture the remote control codes as it usually does.   When they get
to the BE, I need it to send (IR blast) some signals to the HD-PVR and
other signals (via a second blaster) to the receiver.

Any and all ideas on how to make this happen will be appreciated.


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