[mythtv-users] Having trouble with diseqc

Andrew Cowper andrew.cowper at slothrop.net
Sat Oct 8 15:21:42 UTC 2011

Hello Mythtv people

I'm having trouble setting up my new DVB-S tuner. It's a Technotrend
S-2400 and its working fine with mplayer.

My problem is when setting up the Capture Card DiSEqC. It comes up
"(Unconnected)", so I select LNB and choose the Universal (Europe)

However, I can't make it persist into the DB. The diseqc_tree and
diseqc_config table remain empty, and I cannot scan for channels. When
I return to the Card Capture screen, it comes up "(Unconnected)"

Is there a magic keypress I need to persist it? Or, can someone who
has it working (with lnb) post the contents of the diseqc tables, so I
can insert them manually?

This is Ubuntu 11.04 - Mythtv 0.24

Any help appreciated!
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