[mythtv-users] mythconverg_backup.pl choking on mythweather tables

Mark Boyum mark at boyum.us
Sat Oct 8 14:08:51 UTC 2011

On Saturday, October 8, 2011, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com>
> On 10/07/2011 02:33 PM, Mark Boyum wrote:
>> I would like to backup my database but find that the script dies as
>> below.  I know next to nothing about mySQL and would appreciate any
>> assistance.
>> How do I remove any trace of mythweatther as we no longer use it?  I'd
>> like to clean it out of the database entirely and assume that would
>> allow the backup script to run.
>> ./mythconverg_backup.pl --verbose
>> <--- SNIP --->
>> Executing command:
>> '/usr/bin/mysqldump' --defaults-extra-file='/tmp/b1lBxr5u54'
>> --host='localhost' --user='mythtv' --add-drop-table --add-locks
>> --allow-keywords --complete-insert --extended-insert --lock-tables
>> --no-create-db --quick --add-drop-table 'mythconverg' 2>&1
>> 1>'/home/mark/mythtv_backup/mythconverg-1264-20111007131620.sql'
>> mysqldump exited with status: 2
>> mysqldump output:
>> mysqldump: Got error: 1146: Table
>> 'mythconverg.mythconverg.weatherscreens' doesn't exist when using LOCK
> I'm guessing you won't see a "YES" in the "Support" column for
> "InnoDB".  That means that your distro disabled the InnoDB storage
> engine--because it saves 40MB of virtual RAM--to make a lean-mean
> machine for you and broke your MythTV database in the process.  If so:
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/419174#419174
> (And be very careful with the copy/paste of the command to the shell.
> It must end with "EOF" as the entire last line--with no added
> end-of-line spaces, which copy/paste is likely to put in.  So, I
> recommend you copy everything except the "EOF" line, then paste it into
> a shell, then make sure you're on a different line from the "DELETE"
> line and type in "EOF<Enter>".)
> Then, enable InnoDB on your mysql server, then restart mythfrontend and
> it will re-create the MythWeather tables (and backup will work because
> you won't have broken tables).
> Mike

I'll look into Sunday night after the weekend activities are all settled.
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