[mythtv-users] fails to record first program on each channel

Matt Harrison iwasinnamuknow at genestate.com
Fri Oct 7 21:09:29 UTC 2011

hi list,

My mythbuntu box has always been slightly unreliable. It needs to be 
halted to reset the tuners every now and then, maybe 2% of my recordings 

Recently I believe there was some sort of change with the broadcast here 
in my part of the UK, I had to retune my mothers TV and several channels 
on mine.

Since then the vast majority of programs fail to record. It has just 
tried to record 4 programs on 3 channels, all failed except the second 
one of two on the same channel. I'm seeing this behaviour constantly now.

I've had the guy come out and check my aerial, which worked fine with 
his little signal detector jimmy. The logs for the back don't show 
anything useful that I can see. Even with some debug flags turned on all 
it will tell me is something like:

Updating status for "The Big Bang Theory":"The Vengeance Formulation" on 
cardid 2 (Tuning => Recorder Failed)

After it has tried (and failed) to record a number of programs during 
the day, I might or might not be able to come home and watch tv without 
halting the machine for 10 mins and letting the tuners reset. I'm not 
positive that's the fix but it seems to work most of the time.

I'm not seeing anything else that's obviously an error. I'm fairly sure 
now that this is something to do with the tuners (MSI Digivox Duo USB 
DVB-T), but I'm not sure what else to check before I am forced to ditch 
myth (which I really don't want to do) and go back to a plain old TV. 
I'm still able to convince the misses to wait and let me try to fix it, 
but that won't last long.

I am begging for some pointers with this, I've googled all sorts of 
things that came up in the logs but turned out to be unrelated. I've 
googled around for other people having problems with the above tuners 
but nothing interesting has appeared. EIT is turned off for every single 
channel...and I'm out of ideas.

I would be so grateful for some help. Seriously, I'll mail a beer :)

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