[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase errors

Aaron aaron at rb303.net
Thu Oct 6 18:25:15 UTC 2011

On both of my sources, when running mythfilldatabase via CLI, I get
the following error. Is this anything I should be worried about?
Everything seems to be working ok. I am running Mythbuntu 10.10 |

2011-10-06 14:17:22.289 DB Error (Inserting into credits table):
Query was:
INSERT IGNORE INTO program   ( chanid,        starttime,   endtime,
     title,               subtitle,      description, showtype,
category,            c
                         ategory_type, airdate,     stars,
previouslyshown,     stereo,        subtitled,   subtitletypes,
videoprop,           audioprop,     hdtv,        close
partnumber,          parttotal,     seriesid,    originalairdate,
colorcode,           syndicatedepisodenumber,

                                  programid,   listingsource)

       DATE_ADD(starttime, INTERVAL channel.tmoffset MINUTE),
  DATE_ADD(endtime, INTERVAL channel.tmoffset MINUTE),

subtitle,      description, showtype,        dd_genre.class,
category_type, airdate,     s
                                tars,           previouslyshown,
stereo,        subtitled,
(subtitled << 1 ) | closecaptioned, hdtv,

(dolby << 3) | stereo,
          hdtv,        closecaptioned,  partnumber,
parttotal,     seriesid,
                               originalairdate, colorcode,

                    ?                           FROM (dd_v_program,
channel) LEFT JOIN dd_genre ON   ( dd_v_program.programid =
dd_genre.programid AND
                               dd_genre.relevance     = '0' ) WHERE
dd_v_program.chanid = channel.chanid
Driver error was [2/1267]:
QMYSQL: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and
(latin1_general_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation '='

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