[mythtv-users] Hauppauge PVR250 remote

Bruce Taber b.taber at comcast.net
Wed Oct 5 15:31:44 UTC 2011

On 10/05/2011 10:29 AM, Rick wrote:
Can't help with the lirc issue so that info has been deleted from this reply
> (The mythfilldatabase issue is that the HD light goes solid and it
> just sits
>>> there after downloading the first days worth from Schedules Direct.  I had
>>> been running Myth on the latest 24.1-fixes branch, but what got loaded in
>>> Fedora was straight 24.1...I'm thinking this might be the issue due to a
>>> database version update?  Could anyone shed some light on this?)
>>> Hopefully I've explained my issues clearly enough...any other questions
>>> concerning this to help I will gladly provide.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jim MacKenzie
> Don't know about the remote problem but under F15 mythfilldatabase runs 
> at a snails pace and usually times out before finishing.  It was taking 
> 40 minutes or longer for me.  I switched to SL61 and now MFD takes 2 to 
> 3 minutes again.  Installing sl61 is a little tougher because of dep 
> issues etc.  go to the wiki under distribution specific installs and 
> follow the Fedora guide for the most part but also
> http://www.witchspace.net/witchspace/page/computer/rhel6-family-server 
> and read the part about mythtv.  To remove qt-x11 use rpm -e --nodeps 
> qt-x11  then yum install qt47 qt47-x11 qt47-webkit qt47-mysql.   yum 
> install mythtv.  Seems to me there is a problem between perl-XML-SAX 
> 1.04 and 0.96 or something like that.  Install the 
> perl-XML-SAX......0.96 or whatever it is called and then mythtv should 
> install fine.  That's how I remember it so if you have troubles I know 
> there are quite a few using sl61 and you should be able to get an answer.
> cheers,
> rick
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Thanks go to Mike Dean for these pointers which led to disabling
barrier. It helped clear up my issues with the MFD running for 5 hours
thrashing on the disk.


However, make sure to make the proper edits to fstab. For example, replace defaults with the options but don't put in the parens or you'll be needing to boot up a DVD in rescue mode to recover.

I replaced defaults with rw,errors=remount-ro,barrier=0 on the / directory and it seems to be running normally now. You also might want to investigate and take precautions accordingly on your system for disabling barrier.


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