[mythtv-users] Hauppauge PVR250 remote

James MacKenzie mst3000 at newsguy.com
Wed Oct 5 13:47:30 UTC 2011

Anyone??  Anyone??  Bueller??  Bueller??

At Mon,  3 Oct 2011 21:18:14 -0400 (EDT), you wrote
>I had MythTV installed under different versions of Slackware over the years
>and had problems on and off with the remote using the lirc_i2c module.  It
>happened again and no matter what I did I couldn't get it working again.  So,
>I decided to grab the latest Fedora and install that, to see if I could get
>everything working again.
>(I had tried, in vain to get the ir-kbd-i2c module working with the remote
>under Slackware since I read that the lirc_i2c module was being phased out.)
>So this past Saturday, I backed up all my slackware files and installed
>Fedora.  Overall I found the process pretty simple.  As of now, I've got
>everything back to the way it was except for two things:  No remote...and
>mythfilldatabase is giving me headaches, too...but for right now, I just want
>my remote back.
>I'm running the latest available kernel for Fedora 15, 2.6.40-4.  I have the
>old gray front/black back remote that does not have separate menu direction
>buttons (the chan+/chan-/vol+/vol- double as the direction buttons).
>When I modprobe ir-kbd-i2c, I can tell it is working, because if I press
>left/right (vol-/vol+), the volume control popup appears on the screen.
>Reading around, there apparently USED to be a parameter "hauppauge=1" that you
>could use with the older remote, but this is no longer exists in 2.6.40.
>So, here are my questions:
>1) Does the ir-kbd-i2c module use lircd.conf files at all?  I'm thinking no.
>2) Someone said putting debug=1 after the modprobe would print the keys in
>/var/log/messages as they were pressed.  This isn't happening.  Is there some
>other value of debug I should be using?
>3) Am I required to run lircd to make this work with MythTV?  If so, where's
>the best configuration file for my remote, and if not, what's the easiest way
>to configure Myth for the remote?
>Any help would be appreciated!
>(The mythfilldatabase issue is that the HD light goes solid and it just sits
>there after downloading the first days worth from Schedules Direct.  I had
>been running Myth on the latest 24.1-fixes branch, but what got loaded in
>Fedora was straight 24.1...I'm thinking this might be the issue due to a
>database version update?  Could anyone shed some light on this?)
>Hopefully I've explained my issues clearly enough...any other questions
>concerning this to help I will gladly provide.
>Jim MacKenzie
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