[mythtv-users] Charter - Some HD channels are copy protected but their SD counterparts are not

Eric Sharkey eric at lisaneric.org
Mon Oct 3 20:20:41 UTC 2011

On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 4:08 PM, Matt Emmott <memmott at gmail.com> wrote:
> So, a few questions - First, is this against FCC regulations, or is it ok to
> copy-protect a channel's HD content only?

It is not against FCC regulations.  They're pretty much allowed to
mark whatever they want as copy-once content.

> Second, has anybody seen similar
> behavior in other areas?

Yes, there are numerous threads on this topic in the archives.

> I'm wondering if this is Charter- or
> channel-specific. Third, is it worth complaining to Charter?

It may be.  These CCI settings often seem to be set by mistake.  Often
not.  Comcast has almost everything besides the premium channels as
copy-freely.  Time Warner has everything other than local broadcasts
locked down.  Other providers seem to have policies that vary.  I'm
not familiar with Charter, but it likely won't hurt to ask.


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