[mythtv-users] Charter - Some HD channels are copy protected but their SD counterparts are not

Matt Emmott memmott at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 20:08:59 UTC 2011


I'm running an HDHR Prime on Charter in Massachusetts. I had posted a thread
a couple weeks ago about my MythTV box recording some channels in SD and not
HD. I just spent some quality time with my Prime, MythTV and the HDHR
software on a Windows machine. I had found that LiveTV wouldn't tune to CNN
HD for example on channel 728. However, I could view it in SD on channel 41.
The same was true for Comedy HD as well as a few other channels I tested.
Not all HD channels are protected - I can view Palladia HD, Animal Planet HD
and a few others.

After attempting to tune the channel on MythTV and the Windows HDHR
quick-tune application and failing, I did some more digging. The logs
appeared that it did indeed tune those channels, but when I looked at the
tuner status menu it said "CCI Protectionprotected-copyonce". My Windows
setup defaulted to "Windows Media Center" which I believe can tune copy-once
content, so this might explain why it let me tune it at all - Just a theory.

So, a few questions - First, is this against FCC regulations, or is it ok to
copy-protect a channel's HD content only? Second, has anybody seen similar
behavior in other areas? I'm wondering if this is Charter- or
channel-specific. Third, is it worth complaining to Charter? I have a
feeling that I'll be hooking my HD-PVR back up and taking the time to
exclude certain channels from the Prime.
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