[mythtv-users] Can't locate videos in mythvideo

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Wed Nov 30 17:11:14 UTC 2011

> The problem that he is trying to avoid is that by mounting the content 
> on the backend,and sharing the content through MythTV, he has to proxy 
> access to the content through mythbackend and take double the hit on his 
> network.  The problem with... his problem, is that his is in fact not a 
> problem.  Even for Bluray content, you're still talking under 4MB/s to 
> stream.  For standard playback rates, discounting some bursty behavior 
> of libavformat on some containers, 100mbit network should handily manage 
> two frontends playing such content simultaneously, or several times that 
> with lower quality content.  Considering nearly every consumer 
> motherboard in the past five years has come with integrated gigabit 
> NICs, and inexpensive gigabit switches have been around for at least as 
> long, his gigabit network should have no trouble handling this.
> Use Storage Groups, take the couple percent extra overhead on your 
> network, and be done with it.  If you're really that concerned, 0.25 
> will first scan the defined Storage Directories locally, and try to 
> access the files from the filesystem, before resorting to streaming them 
> from the backend, meaning you can mount the shares on your frontends and 
> it will "just work".  On a side note, it's spelled NAS.  A SAN is a 
> system incorporating tens to thousands of individual NAS units of 
> different varieties, tied into a distributed storage coordinator, and if 
> you actually had one of these, you wouldn't be concerning yourself with 
> a measly pittance of a couple extra MB/s.


I never said I was concerned about performance. I've been using mythtv
since version .14. I've always used mythvideo this way and it has always
worked great. I happen to have a gigabit network. Storage Groups was
suggested so I'm going to take a look at it when I get a chance. 

I also apologize for saying SAN when I meant NAS. Yes, I have a NAS. I
deal with SANs with work, and accidentally said SAN.

If you want to help, I welcome it, but please don't attack me for
misguided conclusions that you have made for some reason.


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