[mythtv-users] Western Digital TV Live Plus UPnP browsing issue

John Pitney john at pitney.org
Mon Nov 28 03:21:55 UTC 2011

I've just migrated a long-running MythTV backend installation to a
freshly installed Fedora 16 system.  I went through the database
backup and restore, I did a hostname change, and then I moved my
recordings over.  Mythfrontend on the same Fedora 16 system works

In the past, I was able to connect via UPnP (DLNA) with my Western
Digital TV Live Plus media streamer.  The MythTV backend showed up as
a media server, meaning it was connecting via UPnP.  After migrating
to the new machine, my backend no longer shows up there.

I have stopped the iptables firewall, and I've set SELinux to
permissive, just to rule out issues with those.

Now, my wife's Windows 7 laptop, running Windows Media Player, finds
the backend automatically and can play recordings just fine.  When her
laptop is on and WMP is running, the WD TV Live see the laptop and
lists it as a media server.

I found an app for my Android phone called UPnPlay.  That app, running
on my phone, can see the MythTV backend and browse the recordings.
UPnPlay also finds the WD TV Live as a media renderer, and I can even
trigger the WD TV Live to play a recording from the MythTV backend!

What could be going wrong, and keeping the WD TV Live from being able
to browse recordings on the MythTV backend like it used to do?

I've pasted some logs with upnp messages enabled to http://pastebin.com/ZwmBQQNC is my MythTV backend is the WD TV Live Plus is my phone is a Netgear WNDR3300 router (the backend and the WD TV
Live Plus are actually connected to the same switch, which is then
connected to the router)

Best regards,

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