[mythtv-users] dd-wrt

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 22:27:07 UTC 2011

On 22 November 2011 22:12, Raymond Wagner <raymond at wagnerrp.com> wrote:

> On 11/22/2011 16:36, José Silva wrote:
> > I'm running dd-wrt (v24sp2 std-nokid) on two Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 routers
> >
> > With that, I have ftp, ssh, asterisk, cups, samba, you name it, on this
> > tiny thing. It even crossed my mind to install mythtv on it.
> All that, at the same time, on just 16MB of memory?  I would have
> expected that 200MHz MIPS to be swamped just with echo cancellation and
> G.729 compression for a single call.

asterisk is a call server as the router has no PCI slots for the low-cost
telephony interface cards (which rely on the server to do the echo
cancellation and audio compression rather than DSPs on higher value boards)
these tasks arent being run on the router and must be offloaded to
dedicated call-interface hardware.

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