[mythtv-users] My HDPVR just died...

Daniel Born born_daniel at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 22 02:42:25 UTC 2011

>> My HD-PVR bought about 3 years ago just kicked the bucket yesterday.
>> Symptoms were: recordings still happening but with a "static interference" 
>> look to the recordings. (meanwhile direct viewing from stb to tv showed all 
>> was good).
>> Shutdown entire mythtv setup, from stb to computer, waited 30 seconds and 
>> restarted.
>> After that, HD-PVR was not recognized by computer anymore. On the HD-PVR 
>> power led went from bright blue to dark blue and stayed there. No number of 
>> on/off, unplug/replug operations took it out of that "mode"...
>> Going to buy another one tonight... Looking forward to see if new has less 
>> "issues" (periodic freezes and recording "glitches").
>> What's been the usual reliability by others here? I mean total crap out, not 
>> the usual issues attributed to the HD-PVR.
>> Daniel

>Is the HDPVR's power adapter branded "NetBit"?  If so, those are known to 

>cause instability and eventually die.  I've had this happen to my HDPVR.  

>Google "HDPVR power supply" and see the reports in the sagetv forum.  If it is 

>a NetBit adapter, contact Hauppauge support about getting a replacement adapter.

>Another option is you can also use a adapter that is 5V, at least 2.0A and 

>center positive pin.  The most common is to use Dlink AF-1805A rated at 2.5A.  

>You can find those on Amazon or ebay or if you have an old router, you may 

>have a compatible adapter (just check the markings carefully).

Spot on! a dead "NetBit"... :-/

I spent the entire evening yesterday researching the net and not once did I fall on anything relating to the power supply (go figure).
So I went to buy another one tonight and tried it on my Linux desktop PC first and sure enough, the F2 revision was not recognized by the kernel (2.6.32) so I figured I'd have to compile the v4l driver. THEN I fall on that power supply thread. Easy to try now that I have another power supply to use from the new hd-pvr. Plug it in to the old one and presto! it's back to life. I just saved $200 (minus $10 for a new PS).

P.S. Sorry about breaking the thread but I get the digest version of this list (way too much traffic for single messages!). I tried to fix it as much as I could....
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