[mythtv-users] UK recording Freeview HD while watching an SD program

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Tue Nov 15 14:44:48 UTC 2011

On 11-11-15 06:43 AM, Simon Jones wrote:
> On 15 November 2011 10:56, Paul <dazzle at edazzle.net> wrote:
>> If I am watching an SD recording and recording an HD show at the same time
>> when I come to watch the HD recording the video is corrupt (lots of
>> artifacts and frames bleeding into each other) until after the point I
>> finished watching the SD recording.
>> I was wondering if it was either the hard drive not being able to cope with
>> the read/writes needed for an HD recording and an SD playback (SD recording
>> while watching either HD or SD recording is fine) or if it is the file
>> system I am using?

That's the kind of behaviour the last time I tried using ext4 for recordings.
After spending a day moving terabytes around to reinstate xfs as the
big filesystem, those issues went away again.

> I am running the system and recordings on the same drive
> but two partitions both formatted to ext4 ..

The Atom machines I have here can recording HD at the same time as playing
back the same or a different HD (Ion2 -- VDPAU for playback), and are glitch free.
They use a single drive, with ext4 for the main system and xfs for the recordings.


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